Monday, November 30, 2015

Check out my grocery haul from Ensogo

Sharing with you some of the grocery items I've bought during Ensogo's flash sales and the 11.11 shopping event.

ensogo promo deal lays dole-peaches sale

ensogo promo doritos tostitos-dip sale

del-monte-sauce_argentina-corned beef_tropicana_cup-noodles-sale

Okay, it had been my juice-and-chip-dunking madness.

Not that my family consume chips everyday. I allow my kids to eat chips occasionally (just 1 pack or 2 small packs). Friday and weekend are our chips sharing day.

I don't deprive my kids of having a weekend-chips-treat. They are in good health as they eat healthy, nutritious and balanced meal everyday, and even bring milk to school. They consume fruits and vegetables without pressure; and prefer fish and seafood viands.

That is by widening their exposure to food; they'll understand, make better choices and hopefully do good decisions on their own. They know which ones are good for their body and support their health and which are simply fun to eat at the moment.

The more kids are denied of something, the more it becomes desirable and the more they wanted it. Since it's okay with me to eat chips as it helps keep cravings at bay, it's better to purchase it at a discount at Ensogo than pay in full.

Ensogo Philippines has great deals on almost everything I need. The best thing is we can get it at discounted prices, plus free delivery for a minimum spend. I got my boxes in about three days.

So, keep checking the site especially this holiday season! They've got New Arrivals everyday and more great deals coming!

Ensogo Philippines


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