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5 Tips to Boost your Immunity During the Holidays

Give the gift of immunity!
I love the Holiday season! I love to feel the Christmas spirit wherever I am!
All those bright lights, lovely decors and ornaments, and people spreading good cheer truly make my heart smile.

The Holiday is the best time to celebrate, but the worst time to get sick.

But the Holidays also coincide with the flu season. With malls and bazaars getting more crowded and people gathering in enclosed places - those bacteria are doing their rounds and illnesses start to spread. Plus, all the stress, sleepless nights, and unhealthy food indulgences can affect not just our waistlines but our immune system as well.

The last thing we want is to get sick or attend a party with streaming nose. When we're sick, we have no choice but to stay in bed, rest and miss all the holiday fun.

This Holiday season, we need to stay strong and healthy,
have more energy and be stress-free --- Santa can't be sick!

I'm sharing these 5 Tips for us to have a healthy, stress-free and happy Holiday - and keep that dreaded flu-Grinch away from us this season.

Tip 1: Power up with healthy foods!

Eat & be merry!
What you eat determines whether you face the season in sickness or in health.

A meal filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, and other nutritious food is the best way to boost your immune system. Most fruits and veggies contain antioxidants and Vitamins A & C which strengthen cells and gives our body shield against viruses and bacteria.

Nourish yourself with healthy snacks, drinks and desserts!

At most holiday parties, be mindful of what you feed your body. Avoid the temptation of over-indulging in sweets, fats, carbohydrates-loaded, low-nutritious food and alcohol. Remember, you can eat ham and lechon, but do so in moderation.

Share the meal too!
Feed yourself - Feed the hungry! 

Making a real difference couldn't be more simple. Give moments of joy and make a huge difference. Your goodness can fill other's life with love. Remember the homeless, the families who have nothing on their table and the seniors in the nursing homes waiting for someone to share a meal with. This will make your holiday meal more fulfilling.

Tip 2: Make sleep a top priority!

Give yourself adequate ZZZs!
No matter how busy you are this Holiday season, your body needs to rest and recharge. Sleep gives us energy to last the busy day and makes us less vulnerable to stress. It even boosts our mood and keeps our skin glowing (that's an added bonus!)

And naps aren't just for kids. Squeeze in a short 20-minutes siesta time especially if you're sleep deprived. It's good not only as an energy booster, but also for our heart, blood pressure and stress levels.

Give yourself the gift of sleep. 

Have at least 7 to 9 hours each night, plus, few minutes nap each day to recharge. Make rest your best friend as it helps your immune system stay strong. 

Tip 3: Chill and Laugh it Off!

Don't sweat the small stuff!
True, Laughter is the best medicine. It serves as our bodies’ natural pain killer. From boosting our mood, improving our immune system and reducing stress hormones, the benefits of laughing is endless.

Laugh and be merry.
Laughter is indeed a beautiful gift.

The Holidays is a time to connect more with family and friends - near or far. Enjoy your time with them.  Share wonderful stories and sing Christmas carols together. Not only will this keep your body healthy, but your relationship as well.

Share the Smiles to everyone!
Life offers us an opportunity to give something back.  

Cheer people up especially those who need them at this time of the year.

Even if things don't go as planned this holiday, relax and see the bright side. Take things easy. Be positive. If you feel stressed out and worried - close your eyes, take a deep breath and look at the sky. Realize the true meaning of the season and what you should be thankful for.

Tip 4: Move your body! Soothe your mind!

Exercise and meditate!
Just because it’s a Holiday means that your physical activity should be on holiday too. The Holiday is a time to celebrate, but not a reason to put on more weight.

So sweat it out! Get moving!

Exercise boosts the immune system and slows down the release of stress-hormones. Better make exercise a fun activity rather than a strenuous routine. Try walking around the neighborhood with your family, go biking with your friends, take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, do Zumba or dance with the old folks. That's more fun than dragging yourself to go to the gym.

And, remember that when you sweat it out - keep yourself hydrated. Water flushes our harmful toxins from the body.

Take time for a quiet reflection
and fill your heart with hopes for the coming year.

Meditate to fight fatigue and stress. Meditation is the easiest and most practical way to soothe your mind and body. When you breathe deeply, the blood pressure lowers, giving you more ability to handle stressful situations. This is a good way to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and re-energized.

Tip 5: Be smart about supplements!

Take Fern-C vitamins!

Boost your immunity with FERN-C vitamins!
Getting sufficient nutrition from food alone is challenging. Some of our foods today are overly-processed, saturated with synthetic pesticides or lack essential nutrients our body needs. Vitamin C deficiency leads to weaker immune system, aging and illnesses. But this is something that Fern-C vitamins can solve!

Vitamin C plays a vital part in our overall health and wellness.

Why Fern-C?

Fern-C is an immune system booster and potent anti-oxidant. This supplement increases our body's resistance against infection and diseases especially this Holiday season.

Make Fern-C your daily dose for added immunity to ensure adequate nutrient support and build your immune system.
  • Fern-C increases body resistance from diseases
  • Fern-C protects the body against infections
  • Fern-C fight the harmful effects pollution
  • Fern-C ease stress and protects against stress related disorders

Fern-C Sodium Ascorbate

Fern-C is pure, natural and non-acidic. It does not upset the stomach. This is why I prefer FERN-C over other Vitamin C.

Compared to ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate is soluble and provides the added benefits of the calcium. This calcium salt and alkaline content counter balances the acidity of ascorbic acid making it less irritating to the stomach. It aids in iron absorption that helps you feel energized throughout the day. Also, sodium ascorbate is easier absorbed by the body than ascorbic acid.

#FernCSubokNa #StressFreeChristmas #HealthyHoliday

Dito tayo sa subok na! 
I'm a True Fern-C user! Well, my entire family are Fern-C users for more than 8 years. We can all attest to the benefits it has been providing us not just during the Holidays, but all year round. It remains to be our best defense against cold and other diseases. I’m thankful for Fern-C - 

Fern-C is my immune system booster and wellness partner!

Dito tayo sa Subok Na!

It's the season to celebrate good health and cherish what we have. With these tips, we can truly celebrate the season with joy and good health!

One of the most wonderful ways to have yourself 
a "Merry Little Christmas" is to make someone else’s life 
a little better and more brighter!

Making a real difference couldn't be more simple.

Live the spirit of giving, and bring comfort, goodness and cheer to everyone. This is why I'm sharing the goodness of Fern-C to you. Share it with your family and friends too. With Fern-C, you can give yourself and your loved ones the gift of good health.

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Cheers to a healthy, happy and stress-free Holiday!


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