Friday, July 24, 2015

Love your Liver partner

We all want to live happy forever with a healthy liver, right? This is why we need a healthy lifestyle, take anti-oxidant rich and detoxifying foods, and protect our liver with the right supplement.

Take care of your liver and treat it right. It is very important.

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LiverMarin, Liver Mo, Sagot mo! :)
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Our body is our personal temple, and the health of it is our greatest possession. We must do everything in our power to strengthen and protect every part of it.
ATC Healthcare, your trusted life ally strongly believes in this philosophy. That’s why they provided an innovative and high quality product that would help keep our livers healthy – LiverMarin.
+ About LiverMarin
LiverMarin is a dietary supplement that contains 250 mg of Silymarin or Milk Thistle that protects the liver by acting as an anti-oxidant; it promotes the growth of liver cells and prevents liver damage. 
LiverMarin also contains 100 mg of Sodium Ascorbate that helps in boosting the immune system and enhances the absorption of Silymarin in the body. With a healthy diet, active lifestyle and regular intake of LiverMarin, you can keep your liver healthy. 
One capsule cost only P9.00 and is is available in all leading drugstores nationwide.
Recommended usage: take one capsule with warm water before every meal. 
Be responsible with the things that help you function right. Live healthy by keeping your liver healthy with ATC Healthcare and LiverMarin. 
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Note: Take care of your health. Be sure to inform your doctor about the vitamins, minerals, herbals or supplements you are taking.

Stay healthy and happy!


bruce lopez said...

the best tong livermarin
ako bilang smoker and drinker of alcoholic drinks
umiinom ako nito 3 times a day lalo na pag napapasabak sa inoman
lagi ako may baon nito. ok to, kahit anong inoman basta may baon lang ko nito knabukasan magaan sa pakiramdam.

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