Monday, July 20, 2015

Healthy school snacks and Nutri10Plus vitamins

Mondays can be a drag sometimes, but we can make it great especially for our kids!

School lessons, group works and home works, PE activities like swimming, and a lot more can take a toll on my kids' energy. The solution - I make sure they start their day right with breakfast and morning vitamins.

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school baon and Nutri10Plus
Giving our kids a balance diet and good nutrition is very important. For today, they'll be having grapes, banana and "mamon" for snacks. Plus, a healthy and delicious lunch prepared by my mama. And of course, their Nutri10Plus vitamins.

This is like being blessed with healthy goodness for the whole day.

I don't have to worry. I know that my kids will remain active, attentive and focused throughout the day. For sure, there'll be no tired faces when they arrive home.

Aside from that, Ms. Class President can do her duties and lead the class responsibly.

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always school ready :)
It's Monday... be awesome today and everyday!

Nutri10Plus, school vitamins, nutrition, kids health, happy monday
Happy Monday!
Nutri10Plus multivitamins promote overall immunity, enhance brain development and maximize physical growth. This sports active food supplement is packed with all the active ingredients that our growing school kids need.

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