Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chilling out with Dairy Queen Blizzard

Weekends with my kids will always be the best! I love treating them to something cool and sweet, for they deserve to have it.

Well, a Dairy Queen ice cream treat is what my kids always want to grab.

It's always a delight seeing my son get excited whenever he receive his Blizzard upside down. He enjoys seeing that "defying-gravity-moment."

Dairy Queen, DQ, Blizzard, Dairy Queen Greenfield Portal, DQ menu, DQ Speculoos Blizzard
chilling out at DQ Greenfield - Portal
They ordered their fave Oreo blizzard (regular size for my daughter) and Chocolate Kitkat (medium size for my son).

Dairy Queen always satisfy our dessert cravings. I have a sweet tooth. No wonder my kids do too.

Dairy Queen, DQ, Blizzard, Dairy Queen Greenfield Portal, Dairy Queen menu
happiness in a sweet cup
Dairy Queen blizzard, DQ, Dairy Queen Greenfield Portal, ice cream
bonding over blizzard

#‎DairyQueenPH‬ Fun EveryDairy

We'll surely have fun "every dairy" at DQ.

Hopefully, we won't get to miss their latest Lotus Speculoos Blizzard.


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