Monday, June 29, 2015

Enjoying HSBC credit card rewards

I've been using my HSBC Red credit card for several years. Okay, I'm not debt free - but still a responsible credit card owner.

Most credit cards have rewards programs and promos. With my HSBC Red MasterCard, I usually enjoy their Instant Rewards promo.


Their ongoing Instant Rewards can be availed at KFC, Pancake House and Teriyaki Boy. I've already claimed KFC meals: Junior Sandwich, 1-pc Chicken Meal with soup and regular drink, and a 1-piece Classic Fully Loaded Meal.

This promo is only until June 30, hopefully, the next Instant Rewards will be better as well.

HSBC-rewards, KFC Junior Sandwich, KFC 1-pc Chicken Meal, KFC 1-piece Classic Fully Loaded Meal
KFC meal 
And, aside from annual fee waiver and 0% installment plans, I also get to accumulate points for redemption. This time, I got about 50,000 points and choose to redeem two (2) Php 500 SM Gift Certificate from the Rewards Catalogue.

HSBC-rewards, HSBC-Red-Mastercard, credit card rewards, credit-card-promo
HSBC Rewards
Good enough.

HSBC also has several ongoing promos such as the "Win back your tuition with HSBC MasterCard" and "Caltex Rebate Offers."

Well, if you're a credit card holder, it pays to manage your debt responsibly and use it the right way. And enjoy the perks, treats and privileges that come with it!


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