Monday, June 22, 2015

Nutri10Plus vitamins for my school-age kids

It's already the second week of school classes for my kids. They're now in Grade 4 and Grade 6.

school-ready :)
They're still adjusting to their new school schedules, teachers and back-to-school routine. Probably this week, there'll be more homework to work on and lessons to study. Then, quizzes and projects will follow after.

As a mom, I made sure that their health needs are met by providing them with proper nutrition and the right supplement that will boost their immune system. This is because they need enough energy to make it through a long school day.

Thankful there's Nutri10Plus.

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Aside from Vitamins (A, D, E, C and B Complex), Lysine, Zinc and Chlorella Growth Factor, Nutri10Plus has Taurine that helps improve brain functions and development.

This multivitamins keep my kids alert and focused. It makes them ready to hit the books, listen to their teachers and participate in class.

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School kids need nutritional support as they head back to school. They need the right amount of food and nutrients so that their brains will function well

Multivitamins supplement like Nutri10Plus ensures that our kids will have healthier mind and body, greater resistance to disease, increase vitality and greater energy.

With Nutri10Plus my kids are getting active and stronger everyday. More importantly, they are always school-ready!


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