Monday, June 1, 2015

Getting active and stronger with Nutri10Plus

Honestly, my son loves playing video games and watching cartoons on YouTube. He can spend hours glued on the laptop, gadget or smartphone. We know that it is important that he becomes physically and socially active as well. But it's good that taking time off away from the laptop and gadget is still possible.

Yes, it is possible!

He engages in physical activities like jumping rope every day, walking and jogging around the park or playing badminton during weekends. He also takes time to swim and tries playing football.

He realizes the fun of playing outdoors and being active. Now, he also enjoys a quick exercise at the park outdoor fitness equipment in our village.

For my son, moving should be fun and enjoyable. He prefers outdoor activities that are fun and kid-friendly.

Thumbs up for Nutri10Plus!

Nutri10Plus vitamins gives him encouragement as he tries to get more active and improve his skills.

It's a vitamin with "Sports Active Formula." Nutri10Plus is now my partner in my son's healthy growth and development, building strong bones and muscles, and boosting his confidence. It helps my son live a healthier lifestyle!

Thumbs up for Nutri10Plus!
Quick info: Vitamins are not just for finicky-eaters and kids who are aren't eating well-balanced foods. Kids who eat from fast foods, take processed foods and drink carbonated sodas also need to take vitamins. (Source: WebMD)
Physical activity is important for our kids. Fun physical activity along with a balanced diet and the right vitamin supplement provides the foundation for our kids' healthy and active life.

Note: My son is only taking Nutri10Plus 2x a week. Some kids need to take it daily. It is best to consult with your pediatrician to know the right amount of vitamins your children needs.


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