Sunday, May 24, 2015

Proud to be oDesk Upwork Top Rated freelancer

I've been working online with oDesk for more than five years. It made me enjoy working from home full time (since more than half of my earnings are coming from that site). It is indeed the world's best workplace.

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thank you :)
I had that Top Rated badge on my profile for about two months already. Thank you for the recognition! While that badge is an icing on the cake, hope it remain to be part of my freelancing career. I work not for recognition, but to commit and deliver value to my clients, help in achieving their goals and of course, earn to support my needs.

upwork, odesk, upwork top-rated freelancer, online work, work-from-home
Top-Rated badge :)
Less than 10% of freelancers on oDesk qualify and earned this Top Rated status. I'm happy, thankful and proud to be one!

Well, oDesk is now relaunced as Upwork - a new freelance talent platform. Last year, the merger of Elance-oDesk was established.

As what Stephane Kasriel Upwork CEO says, "... With an exciting and limitless future in mind, we chose Upwork to better convey our vision and represent our current and future community. It’s a name that inspires us and we hope it will inspire you as well."

Looking forward to better things ahead.


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