Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Monde Mamon Summer Experience

My kids are growing too fast that sometimes I find myself silently wishing, "don't grow up too fast!"

So as to make their summer exciting and worthwhile, I allow them to do anything they want under the sun. As I let them play and enjoy summer days, I felt fulfilled as well.

I even realized that not even going out of town can be an enriching family activity after all! In between summer classes and activities at home, I was able to bond with them, celebrate their individuality, recognize their needs and make them feel important.

Summer had been great for all of us. There's musical theater, basketball and swimming classes.

summer lessons, summer workshops, swimming, basketball, trumpets musical theater

My son learned about discipline, hardwork and character in summer basketball.

My daughter discovered her talent, and realized the importance of her role and even in celebrating one's differences in musical theater. And we even get creative making her DIY froglet costume!

Both of them became confident and faced their fears in swimming classes.

All these even develop their social skills and makes them live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Then, there's playing with cousins, reading books, looming, baking and preparing dessert.

family summer bonding activities

Oh the joys of motherhood! I enjoyed capturing all these summer moments!

Hopefully to cap off our summer, we can try the Monde Mamon-It-Yourself decorating activity and make our Monde mamon masterpieces at home.

By bonding with my family, we create our own wonderful moments. And I know that all these moments will into treasured memories. It strengthens and deepens our ties throughout their childhood and beyond.

These are our summer-special-connection that we can call OUR own!


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