Wednesday, May 21, 2014

20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever

One of the most important thing is to have friends and have a best friend. A true friend is a rare and precious gift, and having a BFF is heartwarming. It makes life worthwhile.

Being a BFF isn't easy and there are times when it gets challenging to establish long-lasting friendships. But then, we must always find ways to keep our friendships stronger.

Here are simple Friendship Rules to Live By so you can be a better friend and best friend ever:
  1. Be yourself. Show the real you. You don't need to hide under a mask.
  2. Be honest. Build your relationship on honesty and integrity.
  3. Show up. Be there when your friend needs you and even if he/she just need someone to talk to.
  4. Always listen. Give your friend your full attention especially when he/she needs it most. Sometimes, you don't need to talk, you simply have to listen.
  5. Acceptance. Accept your friend as a person without any expectations. Cherish each other's individuality and uniqueness.
  6. Give compliments. See the good things to remind your BFF how awesome they are. Just make sure it's a genuine one.
  7. Thoughtful advice. Be someone your BFF can turn to for support, guidance and wisdom.
  8. Keep your word. If you commit to something, do it. Avoid breaking plans, rescheduling and making lots of excuses.
  9. Be Forgiving. Friends go through rough patches. Don't just let your friendship slip away with a simple misunderstanding or grudge. Talk things over and apologize.
  10. Spend time together. Do activities together or just hang out during weekends. You can also invite other people to hang out with you
  11. Care for your BFF. Don't take your friendship for granted. You'll know when there's something wrong, so cheer your friend up.
  12. Keep your friend's secret. Let secrets remain secrets. Don't spread them!
  13. Be loyalty. Stick up for your BFF. Your friend needs your support. But when you think something's wrong, tell your friend respectfully.
  14. Know your friend's family. Families are important. Get to know your BFFs parents and siblings.
  15. Set boundaries. Know your limits since there would be instances when you have to say "no."
  16. Be dependable. Let your BFFs know that you won't let them down ever.
  17. Be respectful. You have to respect each other's likes, points of views, thoughts and differences.
  18. Always Remember: A real friend calls. Be available. No matter how busy you are, keep in touch. Stay in contact thru email, text, or phone calls.
  19. Celebrate success. Be happy for your BFFs accomplishment. Don't make room for jealousy.
  20. Trust. This is the most important thing! Take care of this.
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