Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013

My free verse thoughts as I welcome the New Year... 

Remembering 2012 would always bring sadness and joy,
and my heart yearning.

Like a dream - filled with drama and goodbyes,
Of bitter sweet memories,
and glimpses of tears that travels to heaven.

Learning. Experiences.

2012 made me more prouder of my kids' achievement -
A kindergarten graduation welcome address and winning a declamation.
Dances and more dances.
Capturing all their achievements, big or small.
Their confidence, passion and learning makes life more meaningful.

Like a star, you made me famous for a day or two.
A magazine appearance and short morning TV show segment,
With paychecks and talent fees at hand.

Of the countless winnings and blessings I received, I am grateful.
You give me more than what I need,
Much more than what my heart desires.

How would I look back at you, 2012?
With memories I wanted to cherish,
With every twists and countless turns.
When there are times I wish would be just gone into oblivion.
Days when I prayed... wishing things would otherwise be different.

Fears and cheers.
Those sweet sprinkles helped me endure the heat and dryness of summer.
Feeling the love and support kept our strength and our faith.
More meaningful family togetherness becomes a treasure.. timeless.

I struggle yet remain to be challenged.
I braved the storms and the strong wind.
I've seen life beyond than what is supposed to be.

Breathing softly.
Pages turned... a chapter closed.

Moving on.

Now, I welcome 2013 with a happy heart.
With hope and strength.
Filled with more love, stronger faith and wonderful togetherness.
Looking forward for better moments and the best days we can have.

Saying Hello to 2013!
Cheers and Happy New Year everyone!
Let's all have 365 days to be thankful for!


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