Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Costumes: Lady Gaga and Devil Jin

Devil Jin and Lady Gaga

Both my kids love preparing and dressing up in their Halloween costume. This year, my daughter came in a Lady Gaga inspired outfit, while my son became the Devil Jin - a character from the game, Tekken.


Every year, a Halloween parade is being held at school. This year, my son's Devil Jin costume won the Most Scariest Costume for Grades 1 to 3 in their school.

Most Scariest Costume

We also enjoy attending Halloween parties and joining the Trick or Treat activities. My daughter's Lady Gaga costume was awarded as the Best in Costume.

Best in Costume

They don't want to wear spooky costumes, so my husband and I let them choose characters that they would enjoy portraying. Most part of my kid's costumes is DIYs which are made up of rubber, aluminum, leather and old materials. We spent hours crafting their costumes. Seeing them enjoy Halloween activities in their costumes made everything worth it.


Here are more costumes.

My sister came as a walking Facebook page!


My niece, nephews and their cousins in their Naruto, Sakura, Casper, Flash, Clown and Michael Jackson costumes. They all look great in their get-ups!


What about your kids? What costumes did they choose this year?