Sunday, September 23, 2012

Having a Baby

Giving birth to my kids had been the most wonderful blessing I had received. In the truest essence, they made my life complete and surround my day with incomparable love and happiness.

Having another baby might be beyond me and my husband's plans already, but I feel great for every addition in my family. Early this year, my sister-in-law gave birth to a healthy baby boy and my husband's nephew also gave birth to a lovely baby girl. Before the year ends, one of my sisters would surely enjoy carrying another baby in her arms. I wonder if she'll give birth to a baby girl or a baby boy.

It's great to know about the baby Chinese calendar to check or prepare for the gender of our babies.  Yet, even if we didn't get to use the calendar, knowing the gender of our babies from the ultrasound and while on the delivery room gave us so much excitement.

I love babies. I enjoy carrying them in my arms, seeing their innocent smiles and witnessing their milestones. When I got pregnant, I remember preparing and buying little things, checking my due date calculator, choosing the best baby name I could give and of course, the big day hospital-rush. It gave me so many wonderful memories and great moments, making every sacrifices and pains second-to-none.

Babies are indeed blessings. Seeing my kids grow in their best selves is a continuation of these blessings. I love being a mom and I'll always be.


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