Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saying Goodbye

It's hard to let go of things I've been used to. But sometimes, I have to. I'd rather say goodbye to things than say goodbye to people who means so much to me.

It's time for something new and I have made up my mind. 

I've been used to wearing my hair long and black, but days ago, I said.. " Goodbye long black hair. Hello short colored hair!"

It makes me feel at my best. I'm loving my new look.

new look without makeup :)
Thanks to my hairstylist for recommending the new haircut and color. And of course, to the people whom I'll be mentioning months from now (gotta keep it a secret first).

My family loved my new hair and most friends liked my new look too.
So, what do you think?

+ On the News:
Oh well, since it's about goodbye, I'm wondering why Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing after 5 years of marriage! One reason which I've read at TMZ is that Katie doesn’t want Suri to practice Scientology. Now, I'm getting more curious about what that Scientology belief system is.