Monday, June 25, 2012

Condo Living Benefits

Weeks ago, we get the chance in see my kid's former Preschool Directress and her husband in the condominium clubhouse. They were also considering buying condo units, and hopefully my kids would get to see them again near our place.

Buying or moving in a condominium can be a great alternative for those looking for their next home. My family finds living in a condo unit very convenient. We get to have 24-hour security and we get to enjoy different amenities, from parking spaces, swimming pool, basketball courts, clubhouse, gym, church, and other recreational facilities.

The lack of patio space in every unit is answered by the garden spaces around where residents can sit, relax, play or walk the dogs. We don't have to take care of the lawn or worry about pest control, garbage services and other maintenance. The administration office simply calls for assistance if the outdoor patio furniture repair is needed to make it look like new. Yes, there are few drawbacks but the benefits it provides my family outweighs it all.

There are some condominium units with a small balcony or terrace, just like what my siblings have. The outdoor patio space might be tight, but not much of a big deal since they can make use of smaller outdoor furniture to decorate their balconies. Having this patio furniture creates a haven where they can relax, enjoy the view or eat their morning breakfast.


CarmisCaprice said...

Great blog! I'd love to have my own condo unit,too!

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sofia marielle said...

Having your own condo unit is a pleasure to me, I'm hoping I can buy on my own.

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