Monday, May 28, 2012

Ipanema Urban Jungle Collection

Here are Ipanema's Urban Jungle Collection:

Anatomica Lovely II Fem

A colourful henna design is printed over the famous Ipanema Beach tiles that are embossed onto the super soft purple anatomic Melflex plastic sole.

(in green_white)

Anatomica Romantic II

This flip flop has been decorated in a cute leaf design onto the tile embossed anatomic Melflex plastic sole.

(in white_clear-grey)

Classica Barsil II Ad

The famous Ipanema Beach tiles are embossed onto the super soft Melflex plastic sole that is trimmed with stripes.

(in blue_white)

Classica Trends V Fem (brown_gold)

This has been styled in a contemporary design onto the super soft Melflex plastic sole. The straps feature a patterned  design for a luxury finish.

(in brown_gold)

Ipanema Tropicalia II Fem

Its prints are inspired by the diverse culture of Brazil. The unique combination of thong straps and anklet, sets this design apart from the rest.

Mediterrannee Fem

Its cool colors compliment the Filipina skin.

(in white_pink)

Plat Premium Fem

A swirly design is carved into the super soft Melflex plastic wedge sole. As well as a comfortable toe strap, the leaf design continues up the foot strap where a cute plastic bow sits.

(in black_silver)

Sandal Premium III Fem

Geometrical shapes decorate the ultra soft Melflex plastic sole. A combination of translucent and opaque plastic straps cross over each other for style and comfort.

(in brown_gold-white)

Sem Igual Fem

Various playful and attactive prints comprise the soles of Ipanema Semi-Igual Fem.


So, which one do you like best?


Tessa Tuates said...

Cute Ipanema Tropicalia II Fem, they are expensive though.

Chris said...

hello! i havent been able to drop by for the longest time!

i like the Mediterrannee Fem!


I love Ipanema! So cute designs! :))

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