Monday, May 28, 2012

Ipanema Takes Go-Getters to the Urban Jungle

I love Ipanema!

Sad that I wasn't able to attend the event last May 8 when it took style animals to an unforgettable experience out in the wild. Ipanema transformed the Bonifacio High Street into a mystical urban jungle where IPANEMA’s sassy new collection was paraded.

Let me just share the Press Release. I'll also post Ipanema's Urban Jungle Collection after.

The runway event witnessed the gathering of fiercest go-getters of the land. Popular celebrities and top models in the name of Enchong Dee, Phoemela Baranda, Ornussa Cadness, Mia Ayesa, Peter Norrdell, among others, graced the occasion and spiced up the night channeling their inner fashion animals. No other moment seemed more apt as the night was dedicated to unraveling the fabulous “fauna” of new IPANEMA flipflop styles through a numinous, story-telling fashion show featuring jungle creatures that embody the diverse tastes and characters of today’s stylistas.

What exactly unfolded during the roaring runway show? A jamboree of mystical animals which included the playful and graceful dolphin; the sleek and agile “Jacob” of the land: the wolf. Also making his regal presence felt was the king of the jungle, lion with its powerful and intimidating stance. Completing the fashion soiree was the vibrant and sophisticated peacock; the soaring eagle with its potent sexual energy; the meek and mild gazelle that represents those with laid back taste; the sexy and imperial snake; the eye-catching ostrich; the zebra which dons its uniqueness in every possible way; and the funny and quirky caterpillar, which transformed into a glamorous butterfly as its fellow animals strutted their way into the urban jungle, a place where there is boundless freedom to express one’s definitive flair and need for comfort. Indeed, it was a runway spectacle like no other.

The Urban Jungle Fashion Show is IPANEMA’s way of celebrating unique individuals who take on everyday determined to conquer the world and stand out. It’s a toast to go-getters who own their unique style and never compromise on getting what they truly desire.

IPANEMA has truly been a bastion for flipflops not only in Brazil, but around the globe as well. Its long history speaks not only of reliability and high quality performance and service, but of innovation, and continuous improvements in styles and designs as well. These fab sandals pride themselves with the supreme ease and comfort they provide to every foot with soles that are sublimely soft and perfectly padded.

With this exciting event marking a new era in the brand’s history, we are invited to make our fashionable mark at the urban jungle and spoil our sole with IPANEMA.

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