Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Google Maps Helped Me Find Places

In a few weeks, my kids would start enjoying their school summer vacation.

Aside from going to the beach and traveling, summer is the best time for summer workshops. Parents are already looking for fun activities that their kids can do this summer. These workshops develop and enrich every child’s self-confidence, skills, creativity, imagination and self-expression. It allows them to explore their talents and interests.

Google maps marketing are really helpful. Business that can be found online has a potential of reaching more clients and customers. 

I've already seen many summer classes for kids and teens  - from sports clinics, art classes, music and theater courses, cooking and baking classes. Aside from that, there are also academic enrichment classes in Math, Science, Reading and foreign languages. See, there's really a lot to choose from and consider.

Aside from checking out the locations of these different summer schools, my husband and I spent time searching online for schools near my mother-in-laws' house. Good that there's Google map. I rely on that map most of the time. My husband didn't have a hard time checking out the schools since Google map provided him with a sense of direction.

I really like using Google map to find locations of businesses. It always helped me find directions and locate establishments easily. It's even better since phone number and exact addresses are listed as well.

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