Monday, March 5, 2012

Be a Kid Entrepreneur

My daughter made this For Sale sign for their school event.

school food sale

As part of their Math and Science week, students from Grades 1 to 3 participated in the school food sale.

She told me that students bought candies, chocolates, cookies, foods (shanghai, cheese sticks, spaghetti, carbonara, sandwiches) and drinks for the activity. Though, they could not sell food as high as 20 pesos. This event teaches them about Philippine bills and coins, how to count and make changes. 

She enjoyed selling her chocolates and marshmallows. We only bought few pieces and her food container was nearly empty when she arrived home (though they ate leftovers in the school service). She excitedly announced, "Ang dami kong nabenta!" She sold around Php 140... and for her, that's a lot already. That's her first earnings and we're proud of her! But she also realized how hard selling can be! Learnings.

She shared funny and inspiring stories based on other students' food sale experiences as well - as to what items are the best sellers, who made lots of money and foods that she bought. Now, she's looking forward to the next school food sale event! :)

This food sale also allows kids to experience setting up their little businesses, and buy items from their fellow students.

Who knows, maybe some of these students would grow up to be future entrepreneurs!

Kids can be entrepreneurs while they're still young. Parents can give them encouragement and support that they need. Since school summer vacation is almost near, you can allow your kids to enjoy and experience running their own little businesses too! 


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