Saturday, December 31, 2011

Remember 2011 | Kids Performances

"To establish true self-esteem we must concentrate on our successes and forget about the failures and the negatives in our lives." - Denis Waitley, American motivational speaker and writer, consultant and best-selling author

My kids' performances is one way that helps develop their confidence. They are enjoying every program rehearsals, getting in their costumes and being there on stage. It helps become aware of their own abilities and self-importance.

Grand Ballet Recital at CCP

Dancing at the CCP stage is a dream come true for my daughter. Effie Nanas ballet presented Enchanted Ballet last November. She danced Chinese Tea for the Nutcraker - Clara's Dream and "Butterfly" for Snow White.

Taking photos and videos inside the CCP theater is not allowed, so we only have pre and post photos of her.

butterfly costume

Chinese costume

Everyone - from the star ballerinas to the little belles - did wonderful performances.

Effie Nanas ballerinas

Tinkerbell Butterfly at SGIS Disney Holiday Magic

My daughter was chosen by the school principal to be Tinkerbell Butterfly (a part in Alice's Adventure) in their Christmas program. Good thing, she was able to wear the butterfly costume again.

Tinkerbell butterfly :)

with Alice in Wonderland cast

She also danced "Let it Snow" together with the grade 3 girls. Girls from her grade level performed a different dance number. Watch the video:

Little Santa Claus at SGIS Disney Holiday Magic

My son, together with the preschoolers, happily sing and dance Jingle Bells for the Christmas program. The venue was filled with much cuteness and happiness!

little Santas :)

Enjoy watching:

Disney's Believe in Holiday Magic

Malaysia in United Nations Celebration

My son represented the country of Malaysia and performed "It's a Small World" together with the preschool students.

Malaysia flag bearer :)

Japanese in United Nations Celebration

My daughter, together with the Grade 2 students, performed a Japanese dance.

Japan umbrella dance

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Linggo ng Wika Performances

It had been my daughter's first declamation contest. She didn't win,but still proud since she was able to deliver Dr. Jose Rizal's "Sa Aking Mga Kababata" in front of the audience.

"Sa Aking Mga Kababata"

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Traditional Filipino dances were all performed.

Filipino dance

in costume

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Indeed, "the world is a stage..."

Hope you all enjoyed the Year 2011 as much as we do!