Saturday, July 2, 2011

Watsons Beauty Loot Bag

Too much work can be stressful. After working for a couple of hours, I took a break and played the Watsons Live Beautifully online game promo.

I receive a notification that I won a Watsons Beauty Loot Bag from their June 17 draw. Happy! I never get to play the game every day nor spend that much time. I guess I only spend at least 10 minutes playing the game. 

I got these Watsons products - Spa Essentials massage oil kit, Hair Treats Spa watermelon and Hair Treats hair shine.

So, play the game now and win daily prizes. You'll always get the chance to win three thousand pesos (Php 3,000) worth of Watsons gift certificate in the final draw.

To join:
  • -Register at
  • -Click the Play Beauty Hunt button
  • -To play, move the magnifying glass over the product shelf and find Watsons products. Once you find a product, check the correct product name from the shopping list.
  • -Click submit once you completed the shopping list.
There is no purchase required to play the game and enter the e-raffle. The goal is to simply hunt for six Watsons product in sixty (60) seconds and match it with the shopping list. You'll get an e-raffle once you've completed the dame. For more chances of winning, you can even play a number of times as you want.

This promo runs from June 8, 2011 – August 17, 2011.


anney said...

Congrats!! I will check it out!

Sie said...

Mom Czaroma first of all I love your template design..I have always been fascinated with butterflies and the color of your site made it unique..I also played in Watsons before so i was smiling when I was reading your post..have a nice day po :)

czaroma said...

@anney thanks!

@sie thanks for the love :) hope you'll win too! have a great day always

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