Thursday, July 14, 2011

In My Daughter's World

Her passion towards ballet dancing is remarkable.
She attends ballet classes twice a week.
She's excited for their class grand recital this year.
She also enjoys being part of their school's Dance Interest Group.

She's my daughter and we're supportive of her passion.
But more than that, she makes me even prouder.
In her young mind, she never lets anything, even ballet, interfere with the most important treasure she can ever have - her education!

ballet dance during her 7th birthday

Last summer, my 7-year-old daughter was given a slot in the ballet class at Pasig Youth Development Center. It is part of the initiative project of Pasig City Mayor Bobby Eusebio that supports the development and potentials of Pasig City’s youth in different learning areas. Several kids had a chance to take classes in music, arts, dancing, baking, and a lot more.

after class at YDC Pasig Rainforest

My daughter has a great summer month at YDC. She learned more and even anticipated performing for the culmination activity. Unfortunately, she has to give up ballet for a day!

YDC ballet class
Their 'graduation activity' was scheduled on a school day. I told her that if she wanted to dance and attend the culminating program, she needs to be absent at school. She replied in an instant, saying "mommy, di ba mas important pumasok sa school..."

I'm so glad that she choose to be at school instead.
We're proud that she made the right decision.
I'm happy for she knows what her priorities are.
I know that she's starting on the right track.

Thankful too that her SGIS teachers instilled in her mind the value of education. She remembered what we've told her and the words of her teachers as well. School matters most.

Still, I appreciate the skills that my daughter had learned at YDC and the development in her personality. Thank you Mayor Eusebio for the wonderful youth project. And to Lariza of Moms World of Arts and Happiness for the support! It means a lot to me, my family and of course, my daughter.

In her little world, life is more about learning, and everything else will follow.


Sie said...

wow I'm happy for your daughter a young age she knows how to value education..good for her..and congrats to you Ms.Czaroma you have taught her the right values so well :)

nyt po..passing by :)

Chris said...

that is so good to hear :) my daughter is also enjoying ballet so much too! she has been at it for 1 year now and she also enjoyed her recital. coming from someone who doesn't like to perform on stage, that is a huge step!

anney said...

Bagay sa kanya yung suot nya! Very lovely! Pinangarap ko nung bata ako na makapag aral ng ballet kaya lang di namn natuloy.

Marie said...

Wow you have a beautiful and wonderful daughter, and you raised her well!

DorothyL said...

You are blessed most definitely. You have a real little princess there~
Thank you so much for sharing a little of your world~

jellybelly said...

How wonderful that your daughter knows the value of education at a young age. It's great that she has an interest that keeps her disciplined too. Congrats Mommy!

The Twerp and I

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