Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grendha Jelly Rainy Day Collection

The rainy season can sometimes interfere with our plans and our wardrobe. Good thing, Grendha has an exciting jelly collection fit for everyday wear, evening wear and even during rainy days!

Grendha transformed the classic jelly shoe into something trendier and elegant, teeming with charm and concept, bringing quality materials and top technology synonymous to comfort and beauty. 

rainy-season-tips,Ipanema-Philippines,Grendha,Grendha jelly,rain shoes,Grendha-Jelly Friends Fem_red
Grendha Jelly Friends Fem in red (also available in purple and black)

This Grendha Jelly collection comes in a variety of colors and versatile designs - Motion Desire, Romantic, Happy and Seduce. 

The Motion Desire line features a certain air of sensuality that brings out sexiness in you. 

Grendha,Grendha jelly,rain shoes,Grendha-Jelly Desire II Fem _beige
Grendha Jelly Desire II Fem in beige (also available in black)

The sophisticated Romantic line places jellies on a higher level with its decorative stones.

Grendha-Jelly Romantic Fem Exp_blue
Grendha Jelly Romantic Fem Exp in blue (also available in red and gold)

Grendha,Grendha jelly,rain shoes,Grendha-Jelly Romantic Thong Fem_smoke
Grendha Jelly Romantic Thong Fem in smoke (also available in beige and purple)

Grendha Jelly Happy brings out a 1950s look with a flair of modernity.

Grendha-Jelly Happy Fem_purple
Grendha Jelly Happy Fem in purple (also available in black)
Grendha-Jelly Happy II Fem_red
Grendha Jelly Happy II Fem in red (also available in black)

Grendha Jelly Seduce brings a conservative yet contemporary lace-like patterns that exude a fresh twist on this exciting line.

Grendha-Jelly Seduce II Fem_silver
 Grendha Jelly Seduce II Fem in silver (also available in gold and red)

Grendha Jelly values each woman’s individuality and offers a subtle touch of mystery and seduction. This special line is an expression of femininity, youthful flair and a romantic, sexy inspiration that complements the essence of a woman.

We can now walk under the rain in comfort and style!

Grendha Jelly is available in leading department stores and boutiques nationwide and is exclusively distributed by ELRO Corporation. Visit Grendha Philippines on Facebook for more info.


STEF said...

i like the Blue & Purple ones.

Sie said...

I love yung fem red Ms.Czaroma but I'd rather settle for a black color so I won't be striking to one's eye..I like them to notice my face not what shoe I'm wearing hahaha..joke po..just making you smile Ms.Czaroma..magandang umaga po :)

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