Thursday, July 7, 2011

Horrible Pain Monsters vs. Powerful Advil Spotted in Eastwood

Eastwood City is a great place to relax, unwind and have fun. I can't believe when I heard of a commotion that a group of Pain Monsters were caught invading Eastwood Mall's fountain area!

Oh well, it's a flash mob. These pain monsters who call themselves as the 'Legion of Pain' are looking for victims, spreading chaos and body pain to onlookers and mall-goers. They are the worst pain that people usually have - Body Pain, Headache, Toothache and Dysmenorrheal.

A brave soul, Tablet, tried to defend everyone around saying, “Have no fear Tabletman is here!" Despite his effort, he wasn't quick enough to disperse the terrible pain monsters. He was defeated and failed to save the people from pain.

"Not so fast pain monsters," said the voice that came out of nowhere.

A new breed of superheroes came to save the day and they call themselves as the Advil Liqui Force!. They teamed up; and their power and strength comes from the new Advil Liqui Gel. In an instant, the pain monsters got defeated! Hurray!

Advil Liqui Gel helped stopped the monster's pain invasion in Eastwood Mall as quick as possible.

This is Advil’s latest innovation. It works 3 times faster than ordinary pain tablet. This new Advil Liqui-Gel is Ibuprofen inside the softgel capsule. It is now in liquid form making it absorbed by the body more quickly. It provides us with faster relief to allow us to live a manageable life as well.

Here's a copy of the video from a blogger who experienced it firsthand.

This flash mob is quite entertaining. It's a quick way to get anyone's attention and creative way of spreading a message to its target market.

What the pain monsters said might be true - "...kaming mga pains, nag-level up na! Iba na ang buhay ngayon, mas matindi na ang mga sakit ngayon..." 

Pain is indeed inevitable. It can really make a day that bad! It slows down us down and makes us unproductive. Good thing, Advil Liqui-Gel is already available on the market. It’s faster, more effective and more powerful to help battle our headaches, migraine, menstrual cramps, muscular aches and a lot more.

Don’t let pain and aches get in your way!
Share how you manage your pain and if you've tried taking Advil.


Sie said...

hello caught me on your title hahaha..I thought po kung ano..I haven't tried pa of Advil po..I usually take dolfenal but sometimes it is not working anymore if I have menstrual pains cguro naimmune na I'll try Advil it might work..thank you for the info. po I thought Advil is only for headache yun pala sa lahat ng body pains..nyt Ms.Czaroma :)

czaroma said...

Sie, you're welcome! monsters talaga ang mga pain :) I'm sure ok ang Advil for menstrual pains

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