Friday, July 8, 2011

Exploring Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the top destination Asian tourists and travelers. Staying at the best hotels in Bangkok allows you to explore the exotic city of Bangkok at your leisure. 

I remember my youngest sister's UN school program where they represented the country of Thailand, explored their culture and performed a traditional Thai dance. 

This makes us want to visit Bangkok since cheap flights are easy to find nowadays. You just have to take advantage of the low cost airfare and travel package. The city's spectacular palaces, dazzling temples, colorful Chinatown and world-famous floating market, makes it a place worth visiting. 

Shopping at Bangkok would really be enjoyable too! It's a shopper's paradise and among the best places on earth to bag a bargain. It's a place to buy Thai silk, jewelry, and Thai antiques. 

If one day we get to visit Bangkok, we're surely gonna try riding the Tuk-tuk, the most common means of transport in the city. 

Of course, one must not miss the Thai cuisine and delicious street food. It would be enjoyable to eat alfresco-style like the locals do, amidst the buzzing street markets. 

Be it exploring the diverse tradition or visiting Bangkok's attractions, this city is a wealth of first class experiences complete with cultural extravaganzas, perfect for travelers and family holidays.


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