Friday, June 3, 2011

Nido Fortified “Say It Big!” Billboard

As part of Mother's Day celebration, Nido Fortified gave everyone an opportunity to showcase their love for their mothers.

Photos of moms with their kids were shown at massive digital billboards right at the heart of EDSA.

I received an email from Nestle Nido informing me that our photos, together with other mommies, were shown between May 1-7 and May 12-14 along SM North EDSA and Boni Avenue.

May 5 Boni Avenue
nido_sm north may5
May 12 SM North Edsa
nido-billboard_boni may12
May 12 Boni Avenue
nido-billboard_sm north
May 12 SM North Edsa
My kids greeting card says, "Mommy Czaroma, Thank you for taking care of us and loving us!" These are the words that my daughter usually writes whenever she would give me letters and handmade greeting cards.

We didn't get to see these billboards, but we're happy to be part of Nido Fortified “Say It Big!” Promo! 

Thank you Nido Fortified for this larger than life platform and for making mommies # 1!


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