Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Xenical and Zumba For A New You


Zumba is the hottest dance fitness craze nowadays. I got to try Zumba during the launch of Xenical's Club New You at the Residences in Greenbelt, Makati! Bloggers, media people and personalities, and participants learned the perks of losing weight and discovering something that they could do!


Xenical's Club New You is a program designed to support weight watchers in their battle to weight-loss and in reaching their goals.

Mr. Gabby Gonzalez, Brand Manager of Xenical shares, "Losing weight is the best way to start your journey towards overall wellness. Xenical and Club New You are your partners to help you find a new you!"

Q&A portion
Xenical is considered as the leader in weight loss pill marketed by Roche Philippines. It's an effective weight loss management solution that helps you achieve real results.

Study shows that Xenical is proven to be better than other Orlistat for it contains purer ingredients, it has the highest quality formulation and it is approved by the FDA. It help prevents at least 30% fat to be absorbed by the body. Xenical would be a great aid for people with obesity problem. Of course, a healthy diet and exercise, like Zumba workout, is recommended.

Doing the Zumba is so much fun and I want to do it again! This fitness craze features variety of Latin dances in an upbeat music. The Zumba workout is not stressful but it can really get your heart pumping!It mixes cardiovascular exercise with body-sculpting movements in an easy-to-follow dance steps. You won't even feel like you're working out!

Zumba workout
Event photos

The event was hosted by the lovely FASH tv personality, Bianca Valerio.



Photo-op with Ornussa. She's pretty even without makeup.


bloggers - before the Zumba

bloggers - after doing the Zumba
tempting buffet food

Find the Groove, Find the New You

Start your journey to weight loss and healthy lifestyle with Xenical. 

Xenical's CLub New You aims to serve every Filipinos who need an effective weight-loss plan. You'll get to enjoy the perks of being a member. There are fitness counselors who will give you fitness advices and track your weight loss progress. You'll enjoy discounts and special promos from gyms, restaurants and retail establishments.

Vist Club New You website now and register. If you activate your membership before July 15, you'll get a FREE one week Xenical pack.

Xenical's team is also going around condominiums and villages to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Discover the joy of Zumba and the perks of being part of Xenical’s newest loyalty program - Club New You!

Aside from trimming away excess pounds to look great, do it to achieve overall health. Take Xenical properly to maximize its full potential.

Vist Club New You website now and register. If you activate your membership before July 15, you'll get a FREE one week Xenical pack.
Register here at Zenical website or call hotline 553-XENI (9364).


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