Monday, May 16, 2011

Raising Book Readers

My kids and my youngest sister can't get enough of books!

A week won't pass without a trip to the bookstore to buy a book and more books! They enjoy our weekly visit to National Bookstore. Fully Booked and Power Books are also on our list. We also buy books that are on bargain at BookSale and Pick 'a Book.

Last Mother's Day, we dropped by Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale even if it's raining really hard. They've got to buy all these with their budget.

I find Scholastic's last book sale better than what they currently have, but purchasing books on sale is still worth it. You can also see some books I got from their previous sale here.

It's good to always receive messages from Scholastic books if they have promos like this. I'll surely drop by if they'll be having another sale this year. 


Chris said...

where can i get notifications from scholastic books?

my kids and i love buying books too!

czaroma said...

@Chris, I always receive SMS messages from them. I'll inform you if they'll have another sale.

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