Monday, May 9, 2011

Party Activities and Great Moments!

It's the second part of my daughter's 7th party celebration (you can read about our party preparations here).

Little girls love the
Kiddie Salon where they get their hair styled and colored. Of course, the boys opted for the glitter tattoo and face painting. There's only one little boy who got his hair highlighted!


Magic Show and Ventriloquist

Laughter filled the room as our party host, Darwin the Magician performed his ventriloquism and magic acts. All eyes are glued to his show. I enjoy the look in the kid's eyes, the smiles in their lips and their hearty laughter.

A big applause to our amazing party host, Host, Magician, Ventriloquist, and Balloonist, Darwin Novicio. He made Skylah's party fun-filled and exciting!

magic-show,darwin the magician



Balloon Burst

Instead of the "pabitin" or "pinata", we opted for the balloon burst. Kids who got the letters of Skylah's name and the number 7 received the major prize - a star-shaped pillow! While everyone who got different letters gets to receive a mini pillow.


Games for Kids

I'm glad that all the kids participated in the party. They enjoyed the games and the party prizes. They had "search for the hidden stickers", "bring me game", "get the most number of signatures", and a lot more!

hunt-game,party games

game-winners,7th birthday party

I prepared at least a hundred prizes so even if they didn't win; they get to receive a consolation prize.

Even my own kids actively join since they really want to have some prizes.


Adult Games

The adults joined the fun too! It's not dancing or singing. They simply have to guess the title of the song. The guys ruled! Still, everyone took prizes.


Bubble Show

Skylah's party ended with a bubble show. Some kids experienced being inside the big bubbles!



It's wonderful to see our party guests having fun and enjoying all the activities. And of course, my little ballerina had the grandest time of her life!


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