Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Exciting Online Shopping-Bidding in the Philippines

I've heard about Winila months ago, but it is only after receiving an email that I've decided to check what this online shopping site is all about.

Winila is an online shopping site where you can bid for items, buy products and save up to 95%. It's an amazing breakthrough for everyone's shopping experience.
Winila makes online shopping-bidding exciting and hassle-free!

How Does Winila work?

1. It makes use of an online bidding where you will be going against other bidders. Each 'bid' that a buyer places increases the price of an item and add time to the clock. The final bidder when the timer hits zero is declared the winner.

2. Like other online shopping site, buy the product directly and pay the standard retail price.

How to Win an Auction?

You must be the last bidder of the item when the auction timer hits zero. But if you lose, you can still buy the product through the "Buy It Now" functionality, with a discount equal to the value of the bids you placed.

I've checked out some past winning auctions -
iPod Shuffle 2GB for bought for $2.78 (savings 94.98%)

Nokia X3 for $1.19 (savings 99.18%)
Victoria's Secret:Vanilla for $0.71 (savings 96.26%)
P500 Pancake House GC for $0.09 (99.25%)
Playstation 3 320 GB for $22.2

See, that's really huge savings!

How To Join:

1. Register at Winila Homepage.

2. Select a bid package to participate in the auction. Choose bid packages in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 bids. Each product bid cost costs Php 10, $0.50, or €0.50.

3. Shop around for open auctions and start bidding for the item you want.

You can also check out these interesting and useful videos to know more about Winila -

Winila VIP interview with Papa

Trailer Mike Ferrer Winila interview

Winila VIP interview with Mike Ferrer

Experience the fun of bidding and getting the item you want... Spend small, win big!


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