Friday, November 19, 2010

Shopping For Prizes

Weeks ago, I was able to claim all these prizes at Summit Media. Carrying all these is like shopping for free!

From Good Housekeeping magazine I got a Sangobion gift pack. It contains Sangobion vitamins (it's an iron supplement), notebooks, pens, note holders, alarm clock, lunch kit, mug and tote bag.

sangobion, sangobion-vitamins, sangobion-vitamins-benefit, iron-vitamins
(Sangobion gift pack)

My kids won several prizes from Kzone magazine, Disney princess and Total Girl magazine. My daughter has always been a lucky Kzone girl! It seems like she always win from this magazines every month!

milo, raincoat, barbie, pillow, prizes

From Kzone, both my kids won a gift pack from Milo. My daughter also won a huge Bearhuggs banana pillow that we all love!

(Bearhuggs banana pillow)

Skylah also got a Disney Princess raincoat from Disney Princess magazine and a gift pack from Barbie that contain lotions, powders and a lip gloss from Total Girl magazine.

disney-princess-magazine, disney-princess
(Disney Princess)

Thank you to Summit Media for all these wonderful freebies and a lot more!


Grampy said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot. Congratulations.

Admin said...


I am not lucky when it comes to these things. by the way, filipina ka rin? Can we exchange links? I have added your link already..thanks in advance.

Chris of <a href=">QEOU</a>

mary said...

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