Monday, September 27, 2010

Artscow Photobook Great Deal

artscow photobook

I love Artscow products! Since last year, I've already availed their photobooks and prints. I've also enjoyed those freebies that they've offered, like mousepad, dog tags, among others.

Now they have another great deal! They are offering a 6x6 hardcover photobook for just $0.99 which comes with FREE shipping!

Take advantage of this offer. All you have to do is to Share and Shout the deal to your Facebook friends to activate the coupon.

You can follow these easy steps if you don't have an Artscow account:

1. Create an Artscow account HERE.
2. Like Artscow on Facebook.
3. Share by shouting the offer on Facebook.
4. Start creating your photobook.
5. Apply the Coupon Code during checkout.

I'll start creating my photobook now! 

Here are some Artscow products I've created and ordered:
artscow dog tags

artscow photo print

artscow mousepad


Cee said...

Very nice! It would also make a nice party giveaway. Thanks for sharing!

Chin chin said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll check my ArtsCow account now for that 6X6 Photobook.

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