Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Money Managememt Lessons With Private Iris

Private Iris, The Picture Company, Blue Cow

Here are the issues, Case 1 to Case 11, of Private Iris that I received from ManilaMommy's previous giveaway. The 12th issue will be sent again by Blue Cow. My excited kids had instantly grabbed one as soon as they saw all these. It's the first time that they get to read a Private Iris comics. These are really a great addition to their reading materials, as its a comic book filled with lessons about money management. I know my kids would enjoy the mystery cases in each issue and learn about savings at the same time.

Private Iris, Sparx savings
Each issue of Private Iris has a special code with a Php 100 savings bonus. Sparx is a smarter version of a piggy bank which teaches and helps kids to save. I guess I have to activate this Sparx account for my kids.

Thanks again to ManilaMommy, Blue Cow and the Picture Company (for the Php 2,500 gift certificate)!


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