Thursday, July 1, 2010

When I Least Expect It

When I least expect it, good things come and something great comes along...

Whenever I join online contest, I never expected to win. Not expecting would free myself from disappointment if I lose. Not every day is a lucky day, this I accept. I would simply hope that I'll get lucky and have a chance at winning.What is important for me is that I've gave my best, joined fairly and had fun.

I've even joined contests wherein the number with the "most likes" win. But this has never been for me. I don't have much time to spent on campaigning for my entry and asking people to give me their support. I also understand that some don't have much time to give either. Still, I will continue supporting my friends.

Today I'm lucky I've won!

I've joined Kumiko Mae of Chase Beautiful Things contest - her Mid-Year contest and her Philippine Ballet Swan Lake's contest. Yes, I've got the 3 tickets for the ballet performance and a consolation prize as well for her Mid-Year contest! Thankful to for choosing me! I only have 27 entries, which is just half compared to other's entries. I'm really happy for the luck and glad that I joined her contest too.

What made me grateful even more is reading this post at Kumiko Mae's Facebook wall -

Thank you Russ of Grampy's World!

He had read my blog post and commented at Kumiko Mae's Facebook wall! I am really surpised that he even took time to join the contest for my little girl! I really appreciate this and it made me smile. I never asked, but he showed me his support in the best way that he can. I haven't visited his blog for quite some time, but I am truly grateful for knowing a good online blogger friend like him.

Of course, I also appreciate my fellow bloggers who drops by on my blog, post their comments and sends me messages. I owe you all a lot of visits!


Golden said...

Congratulations sis! I know, I've said it a lot of times, but you're one lucky lady!

Lots of love,

Grampy said...

I am so glad you won those tickets.I like to think that me joining the giveaway helped you win. I do things to make me feel good inside. I never expect or want rewards. The story of your daughter touched my heart. That is why I took the time out to try to please a little girl. I do love children. I am glad it worked out for you. Sorry I don't comment as much as I should. But I am here reading.

Cee said...

Lucky you! Congratulations! I'm sure your daughter would be so thrilled to watch it.

Good day Czaroma!

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Chris said...

congratulations! :D

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