Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cheers and Thankfulness

Whenever my lips smile, I am thankful; though, I could not count how many times I get to smile and laugh each day.

When the day ends, the most I could do is list things that made me grateful - from kissing my kids when they woke up and enjoying a good meal with my family... from having a good Internet connection and
doing my work with much love... to sleeping comfortably without any worries, and a whole lot more. 

Cheers! Indeed, my gratefulness springs from all these -

+ for the memories and lessons of the past
All those past experiences made me mature and helps me accept everything wholeheartedly. Understanding that each tearful moments made me more stronger and every challenges allows me to appreciate life even more.

+ for living and enjoying each day
Realizing the numerous blessings that I continuously receive and being proud of each accomplishment, no matter how small or grand it may be. For the family and friends around me that I can always count on, who keeps on making life a wonderful one.

+ for the promise of a good future... a blissful journey to a live well-lived!

Indeed, I was born blessed... fortunate enough to experience life's ups and downs, see the dark and bright sides of life, and learn from the good and bad side of living.


Enjoying a wonderful year of blogging is indeed a reason to celebrate. This blog post serves as my entry Three Cheers and Many Thanks Blog Contest by Teacher Ria. Thanks to her sponsors which made it all possible:


Ria said...

these are indeed wonderful things to be grateful for :-) thanks for joining and good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

nice post, sis. true, there are a lot of things we should be grateful for, past and present.

by the way, i have an award for you at my blog. :)

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