Wednesday, March 10, 2010

See Things Clearly

I don't have 20/20 eye vision. Maybe it's because I spend too much time reading and using the computer even when I was younger. I've been wearing contact lenses for more than a decade. Inadequate sleep makes my eyes dry and sometimes irritation occurs that wearing a contact lens becomes a burden. This is where having a pair of eyeglasses is really a good thing.

Prescription eyeglasses in local optical shops is rather expensive, designer frames cost even higher. I would choose to buy an economically priced one and I know that buying them online can be much cheaper.

I've read an article at Examiner from a satisfied Zenni Optical customer. Indeed, cheap eyeglasses are now a reality.

At Zenni, everyone can get eyeglasses that starts at only $8. Shipping costs only $4.95, and this is still relatively cheaper than buying from optical shops. I've checked their variety of frames and there's a lot to choose from. Zenni Optical's glassesare cheap because they do not pay for or sell expensive brand names glasses. But before placing an order online, you need to know from your licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist your prescription for corrective eyeglass lenses and your pupillary distance.

Now, it is really possible to buy affordable, yet high quality and stylish eyeglasses. See things clearly and save even more.


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