Saturday, March 6, 2010

Experiencing The Fourth Kind

Do you believe in aliens and alien abductions?

When a UFO is sighted it is an encounter of the first kind, collected evidence as the second kind, contact with extraterrestrials as the third and lastly, adbuction as the Fourth Kind.

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The Fourth Kind is a documentary-drama that chronicles what claims to be a real-life case of alien abduction. It features a fraction of disappearance in Nome, Alaska where actual footages are integrated in the film. A split-screen is employed on much parts of the movie, side-by-side showing the "real" documentary footage and the reenactment of Jovovich and her co-stars.

The film opens with Milla Jovovich talking about the details of the film, saying
"This film is a dramatization of events that occurred in October 2000. Every scene in this movie is supported by archived footage. Some of what you are about to see is extemely disturbing."

This movie sees things from the perspective of Dr. Abigail Tyler (Milla Jovovich), a psychologist mourning the death of her husband. She discovers that much of Nome town's population is tormented by the same nightmare. Each night these people sees a white owl perch outside their bedroom window. She videotapes sessions with these traumatized patients and discovered some disturbing evidences of alien abduction.

The movie exposes these revelations of multiple witnesses, as all shares disturbingly identical details which happens at 3:33 a.m. Each one is not quite sure what they saw when it was happening. But despite multiple FBI investigations, the truth has never been discovered.

The film relies on its mystery, leaving things to our imaginations. Even if the movie can be disturbing, with a few terrifying and uneasy scenes, but it failed to deliver a lot more.

Accordingly, the film is based on actual case studies, or it could also be a marketing concept? And what else can scare us in our dreams and sometimes playing inside of our mind? I doubt that these are aliens. If you want to experience The Fourth Kind, better watch this movie on a fictional level for a more engaging experience.

What you see is yours to believe...

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Do aliens exist?

I believe they exist but maybe not in a way we perceived them to be. The entire universe is vast, never-ending and infinite, with billions of stars and galaxies... so there is a possibility that alien life exist somewhere, but definitely not here on Earth.

My winning answer that made me watched the Premiere of this movie at SM MOA Cinema last March 1, still, this does not make me believe on The Fourth Kind. I just love to watch a movie for Free!


Grampy said...

I am not sure about Aliens. There could be a separate demention.There are so many different movies about it. Now did the movies start first? Or did the sightings? Is it reality or our minds playing tricks. We probably will never know.

bambie said...

I saw this movie on DVD and it really made me think hard especially in the case of the psychologist's missing daughter. It does say that until now the daughter hasn't been found so the big question is, who really took her? I'm not a believer but it's making me wonder big time.

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