Friday, March 26, 2010

Earthquake Unfelt

At 1:29 pm, we were almost done with our late lunch. A few minutes after, I head back in front of my PC and was terrified at what I've read - there had been an earthquake! Facebook and Twitter sites were filled with earthquake posts.

I checked on social media posts and read breaking news snippets. Again, the Filipinos tweets and posts their earthquake experiences and there were even photos of building evacuations. Everyone kept on informing friends to stay calm and be prepared.

US Geological Survey and news reports revealed that a 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck parts of Metro Manila and Southern Luzon. Its epicenter was located southwest of Lubang Island in Mindoro province. The shock was also felt at at various intensities in Manila, Batangas, Bataan, Olongapo and neighboring areas. There were no damages or casualties reported.

This earthquake shook for 30 seconds, yet inside our home, we never felt its strong shake. I did not even felt dizzy. Attentively, my daughter just said, "mommy kelan yung lindol? hala, meron ba nasira?" She had never felt an earthquake, but she is aware of the damages that a major one will cause.

After all these, I thank God that no one got hurt from this earthquake. Hopefully, there would be no more deadly earthquake just like the ones that hit Haiti and Chile.


Mister LLama said...

We had an intensity 5 here in manila.. That was the first earthquake that I felt..=0

Deejgeek of

Vernz said...

Hi sis, We're spared in Davao... good thing nobody's hurt...

BTW... Baka naman pwede akong maisali sa link list mo ... I added this blog already to three of my blog links.. thank you very much...

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Carmen Araneta said...

Thank God. We pray that no devastation will come to us again.

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