Sunday, February 14, 2010

Personalized Friday Bag

personalized backpack prize Kidsandbabies

Friday is kids P.E. day at school! It's a day where they enjoy doing arts and crafts, singing, dancing, playing or watching cartoons. 

My son, Brent, is proud as he carries with him his personalized backpack every Friday.
This bag now becomes his Friday P.E. day bag! It's a small bag from Personalized Picks with his picture and name on it. It's a prize that he received from KidsandBabies for being the Calendar Model for March 2010.

personalized bag

True to its aim, Personalized Picks, brings everyone gifts and giveaways that create a memorable and lasting impression.
Thank you Ms.Cata for Brent's lovely bag!


melandria said...

congrats sis, Happy valentines day. Take care.

melandria said...

hi sis, i have a tag for you.

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