Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paradise Dream at The LightHouse Marina Resort

How wonderful it is to embark on a rewarding journey of heightened leisure and get-away, to take pleasure in the elegant resort service and be mesmerized by the stunning views of Subic Bay. How great it is to indulge in life's easy pleasures... to feel the atmosphere of serenity and the sweetness of nature’s bliss. 

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I dream of The Lighthouse Resort Hotel experience.

I want to dive in an ocean of comfort, to feel the glittering sun on my skin and be mesmerized at the fantastic scenery of the sunset. I desire to feel the thrill of taking a glimpse at the lighthouse. I will walk on its pristine sandy beach and feel the sea breeze as it touches my skin. I will savor and enjoy its beauty and grandeur.

My heart yearns to experience their elegant and outstanding suites. I will relax and be comfortable in any of its Aqua rooms - Aqua Room, Terrace, Aqua Veranda and Aqua Spa Suite - with its contemporary oceanic motif and modern sophistication. Here in this place, my stress will be freed, as my tired mind and body will be soothed by The Lighthouse Marina signature in-room massage.

Here, my family can enjoy endless possibilities - dining at the Sands Restaurant, karaoke the 720 Bar, swimming and water sports activities. A sunset cruise would be the grandest treat for my family.

As I look at the magnificent lighthouse as it towers above the scenic view of land and sea from far sight, I will feel its magic as it endure the powers of nature. I will fall in love in its beaming bright light as it brings hope, direction, and sense of safety throughout the night. A magnificent scene that awaits those who want to be illuminated by its beauty. The sight itself is truly rewarding. All these will bring forth grandeur to my hotel experience.

A luxurious and elegant hotel that stands tall and a lighthouse that beams brightly is truly an ultimate haven of retreat. Here, I will capture and cherish all these moments for a lifetime.

My dreams are not mere fantasy; everything is just within my reach. It is a place not too far away. A perfect location, an ideal place located in the heart of Subic Free post just a few hours away from Manila. It is indeed a place of modern accommodations, blissful indulgences and thrilling activities, amidst natures’ finest.

Time will come that I will not dream. Yes, I am looking forward to the day where I can Sail, Cruise, Drift and Dock, and see glimpse of paradise at the Lighthouse. A perfect escapade that my family can enjoy only at The Lighthouse Resort Hotel… a lap of luxury, a paradise found. 

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