Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Woman Appreciates You

Simply knowing that my fellow bloggers have given me their support inspires me to keep on blogging. I really appreciate each one of you who have voted for me for the Philippine Blog Awards Blogger's Choice Award. I am also thankful for those who have supported me, sent me their congratulations and their best wishes. For me, this is more important than the recognition. All these truly makes me grateful. All these really makes me smile.

I may not be pro-blogger nor write blog entries everyday, still, I hope that everyone who regularly visits my blog and reads my posts are enjoying their stay here too! It is only this year that I had enjoyed being a blogger. I just wish I had more time – to blog, to visit more blogs and comment on blog posts.

I have already received an invite for the Philippine Blog Awards which will be held this coming Friday October 9, 5 pm at PETA Theater, Quezon City. It is where notable Filipino-owned blogs will be recognized and winners will be announced. This would really be an exciting event that should not be missed. I am sure that all nominees are anticipating this day. However, I have not decided if I will attend this event or not.

Registration is now open for everyone who wants to attend the Philippine Blog Awards. You can fill out this form to register for a seat (but the number of seats are limited). Who knows, you might be the lucky winner who would get to bring home a Nokia E75! Yes, they are giving away one Nokia E75 at the PBA Luzon Awards Night!


Grampy said...

If I was you I would go.If nothing else you will most likely meet some nice bloggers.

manik_reigun said...

aww, do attend. its just an annual event. (of course you know that already, hehe) but more than anything else, its a great time to meet fellow bloggers. hope to see you there!

nicquee said...

Attend ka na. :)

conversationswithmoms said...

It will probably be a great experience. You should definitely go.

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