Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unlimited Online Storage Offers Free Trial

A crashed hard disk where no files could be recovered is hard to bear. It is like feeling emptiness and experiencing doom. I remembering losing a great collection of photos and videos, loads of information; which all lived on my hard drive.

My previous work requires me to access loads of previous information; thus, I always make sure that all these backup files can easily be recovered from the server. Having a regular backup is one thing that we should all keep in mind. Not backing up computer files could lead to danger - whether it is a corrupted file, a virus, a human error or loss due to natural disaster.

Now, I have learned that I can use Livedrive as my personal storage space on the Internet. Livedrive Online Storage works on a PC just like a normal hard drive or USB drive. This fantastic online storage product hosts all these features:

1. Backup files automatically and securely online in Livedrive's unlimited storage space
2. Sync files across all your computers on the local network. Just install Livedrive on all your computers and you can see the same files.
3. Access all your files anywhere from the web or any mobile device including iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile, by going to the Livedrive web portal
4. Share files quickly and easily with your family, friends or with the world with just one click.
5. Lots of cool stuff such as: Drag and drop your files to Facebook, Flickr and SmugMug with just one click. View and edit MS Office documents on the web. Watch your videos online. Retouch photos directly from web browser.
6. Plus, it works with all FTP clients and supports FTP resume.

Livedrive have just started offering new users a Free one-month trial. It is fully functional and you can already get unlimited storage space. You can sign-up up for your free trial and see how you can benefit from Livedrive's online storage.



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