Monday, October 19, 2009

Little Policeman Strikes Two

What I want to be when I grow up? A year ago, this was the costume party theme in my kids’ preschool, as part of their Halloween activity. My son, who is attending last year's toddler class, came in as a police general - a costume borrowed from my husband's officemate. We spent only on the name patch, that reads Gen. Brent Roman, and police accessories that we brought on a toy store.

working mom momstoday magazine
Coincidentally, two local parenting magazines had the this theme too. I submitted Brent's picture and luckily, the same photo was published twice! First was in Working Mom magazine February 2009 issue Mommy Moments page, and just recently in MomsToday September-October 2009 issue Precious Moments section. He even received a gift pack from Growee from the latter.

policeman costume prizesSeeing these fills me with much joy, because I know that even though my son seldom smiles for the camera, he made it on those two magazines that I buy frequently. Now, I wonder what he would be when he grows up. Would he really be a police officer? Well, no matter what he wants to be, we would always let him know that we have his support.


gesmunds said...

hi czaroma!

ang cute naman ni Gen. Brent Roman!
i think its right that parents are helping their child to figure out what would they want to be when they grow up.. :)
parang ang sarap na rin tuloy magka child.. :)

BoeyJoey said...

Sounds like great fun for your kid! :-)

Btw, I am hosting a giveaway with $200 USD as monthly prizes at Just paste a button on your blog, go check it out!

Joy-Anne said...

your son looks cute in his pictures!

nicquee said...

he's a super gwapo policeman in the making!

maswerte kayo sa magz. Si ayex twice pa lang nasali tapos yung first pa, we were not able to claim our prize from moms today. sad.

czaroma said...

@ gesmunds, thanks! and I'm enjoying my kids while they're young :)

@ boeyjoey, yes it is really fun!

@ joy-anne, thanks!

@ nicquee, thanks! ang dami na nga naming collection... marami pa naman issues na pwede kayo mag-join. nice sa moms today coz may prizes lahat ng published kids :)

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