Thursday, October 1, 2009

oDesk Email's for Filipino Providers

In this virtual world, oDesk, the On Demand Global Workforce, shows that they are humane. Aside from the regular tasks from my current buyers, a new Odesk assignment and an interview request, I received an email from
oDesk sending their best wishes to its providers in the Philippines.

oDesk took the initiative of informing oDesk buyers about the dilemma that might hinder some providers from doing their assignments. Through this simple gesture, buyers become aware of the situation of some Filipino providers.

I am pleased that
oDesk gives importance to the welfare of Filipino freelancers. I have no idea how many oDesk providers were not able to be spared from the typhoon that hit the country last September 26. I feel for all the typhoon victims and those oDesk providers who worry about their assignments and without any means of advising their buyers; or worst, lost their computers and their income.

I am also an
oDesk provider working both on hourly and fixed-priced jobs for more than 8 months. Both my mom and my sister are oDesk providers too. I might have missed working for a day and a couple of hours when the electricity was cut-off, but I can now work despite the intermittent Internet connection.

Indeed, oDesk is changing how the world works and I am thankful being part of this community.


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