Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Help Victims of Typhoon Ondoy

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ondoy Philippines flood typhoon ondoy
Typhoon Ondoy Photos (Source: GmaNews.tv Facebook)

Everyone desires to live a peaceful and secure life, but when tragedy strikes, we are awaken to other realities. Typhoon Ondoy that hit the Philippines unfortunately serves as a wake-up call. We realized our nation's irresponsibility and inadequacy, and the government's lack of preparedness in this natural phenomenon.

Typhoon Ondoy has left but its aftermath is devastating. The rich and poor suffered equally in the floods, many areas were submerged under Ondoy’s onslaught. It is heart wrenching to see the damages that Typhoon Ondoy had caused, the people who lost their homes and the grieving families who lost their loved ones. Hundreds have died and more are still missing.

For the numerous victims of this tragedy, this is a nightmare that would be hard to forget. We empathize with their pain and with their loss. May God give them comfort in the midst of this tragedy.

Sadly, we cannot blame nature. May this serve as reminder for everyone to be responsible in taking good care of the environment.

The Filipino's "bayanihan spirit" shows as people help those in need. There are countless acts of bravery and compassion showed by ordinary people; even though there are also unsung heroes who have died after saving flood victims.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter became a hub for coordinating rescue and relief operations. The government and relief agencies are not alone in their fight to help the victims of this calamity.

Unfortunately, many families still need help.

There are a number of groups and foundations who are accepting donations and volunteers. I am also encouraging you to share and send in your donations. Here's a compiled list of relief organizations and foundations for Typhoon Ondoy victims that are accepting bank
donations, credit card, PayPal, SMS and in-kind donations.

God remains to be our hope and He is our light amidst this tragedy.


Joy-Anne said...

what happened last saturday was really tragic. but i know that with caring and sharing we, as a nation will be able to pull through this.

David Funk said...

I really feel bad for the Filipino community with what they endured. I have many friends there now through blogging, and I pray for them.

czaroma said...

@ joy-anne, yes and somehow it's good to see the way Filipinos help each other during these times.

@ david, thanks for your prayers. A lot of people needs help.

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