Friday, July 24, 2009

Between Chances and Events

I take chances and I am always present to all life's opportunities!

Yesterday, I embraced and seized two opportunities; but today, I let these pass.

I prepared and hoped for luck, but it seems that luck is not enough. I woke up feeling a slight headache and my colds won't stop. This is not good even though I know that I have a good chance of making it if I am not sneezing and my eyes are not watery. I will never push myself into something that could make my condition worse. I might have missed this chance still, I have no regrets. I know and keep on believing that there'll be more opportunities to come and to create.

Now, I am praying for betterment and taking care of myself with much rest that I can manage. Tomorrow would be another day to look forward to and later on, I would choose on what event I would be attending. Would I choose to be in a huge event at the Fort or attend the small affair at Glorietta?


online writer said...

Hmmm looks like you have a rich social life,good for you. but u get some rest.hope you'll feel better soon.

Hey,I'm wondering,dya know of any local women's magazine that accept article contributions from moms?It's my dream to get any of my works published on a women's mag. =)

czaroma said...

@ online writer, thanks and I am feeling better :)

Yes, there are local magazines that accept contributions from freelance writers. Summit Media, ABS-CBN publishing, MomsToday magazine accepts freelancers. You can try sending your portfolio to the editor-in-chief.

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