Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Make Life Easy with iVillage

I am fond of looking at every wonderfully prepared dish and when I realize that this comes with easy-to-follow recipes, I begin to be inspired. This is one thing that makes life simple yet better.

I am just amazed at how these videos from iVillage can make living less stressful. You Can See More Life Made Easy Videos Here. Working mom and Top Chef contestant Ariane Duarte is featured in several videos, where she shares her great food ideas and tips. The videos are sponsored by Walmart, which makes it better since you won't have a hard time trying to figure out where the item would be purchased.

The meals are affordable, easy to prepare and presentable all at the same time. I am also interested at the inexpensive recipes for T-bone steak, the Vanilla Ice Cream Cake and the Summer Fruit Shortcake. Definitely, even a mom who doesn't know how to cook and prepare a meal will now try to learn preparing a delicious food for her family. Hmmmm, this sounds just like me.

Aside from this, even the craft oriented videos and gift ideas at iVillage sounds more enjoyable too. Visiting iVillage is truly worth my time. There's a plethora of topics and information on women's health, wellness, and beauty. It's a site where I can learn, explore and experience.



a49erfangirl said...

I forgot all about I am going to have to check them out. Have a great day.

About Pink said...

i usually watch their videos thru youtube.. great site actually if you like to diy things at home :D

Petula said...

I really need to take more time watching videos online to learn different things.

czaroma said...

@ a49erfangirl, same goes for me. I just checked on the site again while writing this post :)

@ About Pink, yes that's one thing I learned also, videos are a great help!

@ Petula, I agree... there's so much to learn online, that sometimes I want to do everything at the same time :)

mkreider said...

Hi Czaroma, I've come t your blog through BradPate's. I like your blog very much, it's warm, heartfelt, informative and just plain fun to look at! I like that you can dream, yet still be happy with who and where you are. I enjoyed the Nido Fortified "You're My #1" video. I can see where your daughters got they're beauty. The voice over singers on the video were very good! Was that you and a daughter? Just curious... keep on blogging!

conversationswithmoms said...

That makes my life a lot easier. Thank you so much for the info.

czaroma said...

@ mkreider, thanks for the comment. The kids on the video are my son and daughter. Ooops, you might have mistaken the Nido commercial with the Nido Fortified MTV. We only appeared in the Nido MTV which was featured in a local entertainment show. The one who sang the song is the megastar Sharon Cuneta with her daughter :)

we are part of this video -

@ conversationswithmom, yes it does! you are welcome :)

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