Friday, June 12, 2009

Yahoo Philippines Purple Hunt

yahoo philippines purple hunt glorietta 3
The Yahoo! Purple Hunt Tour is now at Glorietta 3. My husband and I dropped by to claim our limited edition purple t-shirt and the purplized Krispy Kreme doughnut. We also decided to took part in the on-ground activities - the Purple Graffiti Wall, the Purplize Yourself photo booth, and the find Purple Game Wall.

yahoo philippines photo booth
These are the prizes and free items we received from the mall tour: Yahoo tote bags, Rubik cube key chains, yahoo stickers and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We also got 7 limited edition Purple Hunt T-shirts (coupons are from Chalk Magazine).yahoo tote bag, rubiks cube, limited edition tshirt
Yahoo! Philippines Purple Hunt

It is an ongoing promo of Yahoo! Philippines. It is a scavenger hunt with a purple twist. Participants will be asked to solve online clues and find items around Metro Manila. But all you need is find them in Yahoo! Philippines.

This project purple is designed to make Filipinos aware of the fun and creative things that can do online using Yahoo! tools.

yahoo purple hunt microsite
Phases of the Purple Hunt

Right now, Yahoo! Philippines Purple Hunt is in Phase 1 where purple hunters are to look for the purple tickets; all purple goodies can be redeemed at the Ayala Malls.

Based from the information given by the Yahoo! purple crew, Phase 2 and 3 will start on June 16,2009. It is where clues will be given out, hunted and submitted online. Phase 4 is where people all over the Philipipnes can hunt clues and submit it online and must attend the Purple Hunt Finale on to participate in the race to win the Honda Jazz car.

All these prizes are customized by Filipino artist: Canon digital cameras, Blackberry Storm, iPod Touch, Macbook Air and Sony PlayStation 3. The grand prize is a Honda Jazz car with custom paint created by WeWillDoodle.

yahoo philippines purple hunt prizesyahoo honda jazz car
The Purple Hunt Tour

The Purple Hunt Tour had already taken place at Market! Market! (June 5-7), at Greenbelt 3 (June 8-10), currently at Glorietta 3 (June 11-15), and at Trinoma on June 16-18.

This ground activities sponsored by
Ayala Malls are packed with games and activities and the doodled Honda Jazz car is also on display.

Activities includes - a Purple Graffiti Wall, a giant purple wall where you can share and write anything; a Purplize Yourself photo booth and a photo to remember your Purple self day!; a Find Purple Game Wall where the participant will be asked to look for something; a Krispy Kreme Doughnut counter where purplized Krispy Kremes are given away; Yahoo! Mobile Surf & Lounge Booths; a Globe broadband station and a lot

Everyone in the Philippines can still join. Visit Yahoo! Philippines Purple Hunt to start hunting for prizes!

The Color Purple

Aside from it being Yahoo’s corporate color, the project proponents believe that the color purple signifies innovativeness, uniqueness, creativity and passion

It's easy to find when it's Purple!


Yan said...

you got 7 shirts? that's awesome! i want one too! :D how did you get one? i mean, do you have to buy a chalk mag or something? where can i buy those? are you selling them (the shirts)? hehe ^^;


czaroma said...

@ yan, there's 1 coupon at chalk mag. you can buy the magazine at any bookstore. sorry, but I'm not selling these shirts :)

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