Sunday, May 10, 2009

All About Books!

Books have already made a huge impact on my life and my kids as well. Skylah is just starting to read a few words yet, and maybe Brent could read after a year or sooner. At an early age, they are already fond of books and this means frequent visits to Powerbooks or National Bookstore to buy a book or two.

It was good enough that we've been given the book-reading theme for the Nido Fortified video shoot. If we've been given a different theme and my kids will do an activity that they do not really enjoy, our photo shoot would surely be a disaster! Good thing, our photo shoot had been naturally captured.

And there's the Book Buffet! I didn't know that book buffet also exists; I thought buffets are just for food. Until I read about this event from Kidsahoy! We're not really active part of the Kidsahoy community but I knew that my kids would love to be there and grab books. True enough, my kids had a great time choosing and buying books!

We dropped by the Scholastics Book Fair Warehouse Book Sale at Pasig City around 12 noon. We grabbed books from the book buffet section; it's where you only have to pay for P495 pesos for one bag and you can fill it with books that you like (just make sure that the bag can still be tied-up). My sister Jalysa filled her buffet bag with more than 35 books! My kids shared in one buffet bag and filled at least 40 books. We also got to picked a few books from the red, blue and green section wherein books costs from 30-95 pesos each; as well as the regular section that gives only 10% discount. It was definitely worth spending money on books.

I hope my kids would continue to develop more interests on books and grow up with passion for reading.

the kids with their book bags

Jalysa, Micko, Skylah & Brent with their book bags

booksbooks and items from the red, blue & reg tag section and the regular section


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